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Make a Payment with the Blink of an Eye

Fingerprints and selfies aren’t the only biometric ways to make a payment. Now, some consumers can use iris-scanning for payment.


Our 10 Most Popular Card Talk Stories of 2016

From the Visa-Mastercard antitrust settlement being overturned to mobile apps that allow consumers to pay with a selfie, a lot has happened this year.


Black Friday Takeaway: Chip Card Use Is on the Rise

More than half of Black Friday purchases were made with a chip card, per a report from Cayan LLC, a Boston-based payments provider.


Stop Chasing Patient Payments

If your practice hospital spends valuable time chasing payments, then your healthcare organization could benefit from the Credit Card on File program.


How Will Trump’s Presidency Affect Dodd-Frank?

The Dodd-Frank Act, a U.S. federal law that allows the government to regulate the financial industry, may be evolving soon.


Apple Pay Now Available Online: What It Means for eCommerce

In September, Apple released a new feature, Apple Pay on the Web, which allows consumers to purchase goods from an app or website with the tap of a finger.


New App Allows Consumers to Pay with a Selfie

Starting in early 2017, consumers will be able to pay with a “selfie,” thanks to Mastercard’s new mobile app, which uses facial recognition for payment.


eCommerce Fraud Rising, Consumers Willing to Take Additional Security Steps

Results of a recent American Express survey show that consumers are willing to take extra security steps to ward off online and eCommerce fraud.


The Riskiest ZIP Codes for eCommerce Fraud

While eCommerce fraud is on the rise, research shows that certain ZIP codes are more prone to fraudulent charges than others.


Mastercard Launches Its First-Ever B2B Mobile Payments App

In September, Mastercard launched its first-ever B2B mobile payments app in Hong Kong to connect buyers and suppliers and help them enhance efficiency.


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