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i3 Commerce Technology Saves Web Designer Merchant $20K Per Year

This month, we spoke with Dave Ebbesmeyer, Co-Founder of AI Software in our Merchant of the Month series, with key highlights of the services provided.


2 New Malware Warnings You Should Not Ignore

Millions of merchants are continually at risk for dangerous malware warnings, and here are some tips on what to look for when identifying a cyber threat.


i3 Commerce Technology’ Customer Service and Expertise Stands Out

In our Merchant of the Month series, we spoke with Bernie Reagan, President/Owner at DSC Office Systems who enjoy processing through i3 Commerce Technology.


What’s New in Retail: Try It Before You Buy It

DigitalBridge, a U.K.-based startup that’s looking to break into the home décor market has a solution for retail merchants that sell furniture.


New Startup Aims to Boost Coffee Supplier Payments

Bext360 is launching its “bext-to-brew” platform that collects and analyzes coffee to facilitate instant supplier payments.


3 Pitfalls of Using a Payment Aggregator

Matt Valego, i3 Commerce Technology payment processing advisor, sheds some light on things worth considering before using a payment aggregator.


Merchants Who Verify Faceless Transactions Keep Customers Safe

“If you sell goods or services online, you’re at the mercy of the cloud provider, and someone, somewhere wants to buy your products,” Jim O’Brien explains.


i3 Commerce Technology’ Online Payment Portal Gets Quest Workspaces Paid Faster

In our Merchant of the Month series, we highlight Quest Workspaces who enjoys processing through i3 Commerce Technology so much, they want to share their experience.


4 Unexpected Benefits of Mobile Payment Solutions

Matt Valego explains why you should consider a mobile payment solution – and how you could be hurting your business by not doing so.


The Impact of Late Supplier B2B Payments on Small Businesses

It’s no surprise that late supplier payments is a growing issue in the B2B space. Some of the latest research is shedding light on the true impact.


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