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Preordering can be a powerful tool used by retailers to generate excitement with customers and boost retail and online sales revenue.

What Exactly is Preordering?

Preordering refers to purchasing a product or service before it is officially released or available for sale to the general public. It allows customers to reserve and secure their desired item in advance, often with a deposit or full payment, ensuring they will receive it as soon as it becomes available.

By allowing customers to reserve and pay for products before they are officially released or available, businesses can generate excitement and anticipation while securing sales in advance.

How Does Preordering Benefit Retail Merchants?

Used the correct way, preordering is an effective way to give retailers a revenue-boosting edge. Here are some of the benefits when allowing shoppers to preorder products:

  • Increased Cash Flow – Collecting payments from customers prior to the product being released allows merchants to receive an influx of revenue up front keeping the business healthier.
  • Building Exclusivity – Preorders create excitement among consumers. By offering exclusive access or limited quantities, retailers have an opportunity to generate more interest in their products or business.
  • Validating Demand – Launching a new product with preorders allows merchants to gauge consumer interest before moving to a large-scale effort.
  • Managing Inventory – Retailers can better estimate customer demand and adjust inventory accordingly. This minimizes overstocking and reduces potential losses.
  • Engaging New and Current Customers – Preorders offer an opportunity for businesses to engage directly with shoppers throughout the process — building anticipation, marketing opportunities, and customer loyalty along the way.

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