Google Pay App Sunsets June 4, 2024

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Google recently announced that it will retire its Google Pay App in the United States on June 4, 2024. After 10 years of the app being in use, Google is forcing its users to switch to the platform’s alternative mobile payment service, Google Wallet.

Google said that the planned move is to simplify its payments options. The company wants to shift users over to Google Wallet, which is vastly more popular than the Pay app.

Companies that accept these payment methods should take note that it looks like Google is settling on Wallet being the primary and default Android payments app. It doesn’t support sending and receiving money, nor does it provide cashback on purchases.

The app is a simple tap and pay vehicle, while also storing payment cards, loyalty cards, transit passes and some government identification. Google may add more features to Wallet in the future, but after a decade of creating and ditching different payment models, the simple nature of Wallet is likely permanent.

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