Merchant Spotlight: Kua’Aina Sandwich

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In our Merchant Spotlight series, we highlight a merchant who enjoys working with i3 Commerce Technology so much that they want to share their experience with others.

This month, we spoke with Terry Thompson, Owner of Kua’Aina Sandwich.

Merchant: Kua’Aina Sandwich

Industry: Restaurant

Location: Oahu, Hawaii

Customer Since: 2014

i3 Commerce Technology Representative: Damon Perez

Why Did You Choose i3 Commerce Technology?

“After being a cash business for nearly 40 years, we knew it was time to move into credit card acceptance, but we didn’t want to experience any glitches during our customer service process. Working with i3 Commerce Technology made the transition easy! Working with i3 meant access to the latest terminals and technology that kept our customers happy with smooth, timely service.”

What’s Your Favorite Part About Working with i3 Commerce Technology?

“The best part about having i3 Commerce Technology involved in my business is the partnership I have with our rep, Damon Perez, and his team. The i3 team is ALWAYS there to help improve our business and to solve issues when they arise. We are bombarded with merchant processing solicitations, but my response is always the same, ‘I’m really happy with i3 Commerce Technology and I am not about to change that’.”

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