Mastercard Launches Its First-Ever B2B Mobile Payments App

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Thanks to a variety of mobile applications, like PayPal, Venmo and Google Wallet, friends can easily split the check or pay rent – typically seeing the money land in their bank account within a couple days.

Now, companies are working to bring this same convenience to the business-to-business environment – and Mastercard is one of them.

In September, the global payments and technology company launched its first-ever B2B mobile app in Hong Kong.

Seamlessly Connecting Buyers and Suppliers

The Mastercard Commercial Network App connects buyers and suppliers of B2B businesses to help them enhance efficiency by providing them with services such as extended payment terms, exclusive discounts and free advertising, reports a Mastercard press release.

Additionally, the app offers:

  • Availability of a merchants and products directory
  • A “Pay Now” option for businesses to collect payments faster (companies receive payment in about two days)
  • Security features via Mastercard SecureCode technology

“We developed and launched the Mastercard Commercial Network App in Hong Kong to empower small and medium-sized business owners to better manage their businesses, including working capital and creating opportunities,” said Hiang Choong, Mastercard Division President of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. “Access to funds is the lifeblood of every business and the foundation for future growth.”

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