Payment Processing Can Bring Value to Merchants

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Businesses need solutions that help them accept payments and for most merchants, payment processing fees are just a line item on their operations budget. What merchants should be thinking about is how payment processing can be part of their growth strategy instead of the necessary evil that they must have to conduct transactions.

More payments mean more revenue — this much is obvious to any business owner. But to scale strategically, businesses who are savvier about processing payments can reap the benefits. The key to utilizing payments as way to grow business is to evaluate the entire payment ecosystem and see what solutions make a business more efficient and profitable.

Processing Partner Can Help Make the Difference  

Whether in a B2B or retail setting, business owners tend to forget that administrative cost are just as important for reducing time and payroll costs as the actual fee itself. And that is why it is imperative for business owners to work with a payment processor, like i3 Commerce Technology, who takes a consultative approach and learns how a merchant interacts with its clients. i3 Commerce Technology goes beyond reviewing rates and focuses on growth by saving a merchant money, lowering interchange rates, leveraging methods of payments, and looking for efficiencies in the actual payment process.

These Solutions Empower Growth 

1. Point-of-Sale Systems

i3 Commerce Technology POS systems are versatile, secure, and allow merchants to accept payments with ease and flexibility. Payments can be accepted – via tap, swipe, or insert – at the point-of-sale system or on the go. These solutions range from basic to complex, integrate easily with any POS software, allow customers to pay the way they want, and let merchants manage employees and track sales.

2. Electronic Invoicing

i3 Merchant Solution’s electronic invoicing allows merchants to send customizable invoices to clients via email or text which makes it simple for clients to submit their credit card information in just a few clicks. This invoicing and payment solution accepts payments online, integrates with accounting software, and allows for recurring payments, payment plans, and reminder emails. Electronic invoicing ensures merchants get paid faster and improves cash flow.

3. Mobile Processing

i3 Commerce Technology’ credit card processing app is a simple yet powerful app for Android and Apple phones and tablets. It allows merchants to accept all types of payments whether it is curbside, takeout, delivery, or customer-based locations. Our app can create and manage invoices, send receipts, and is connected to our payment gateway. It can be used in tandem with a card reader or completely on its own.

4. Payment Gateway (or Virtual Terminal)

i3 Commerce Technology’ payment gateway, is secure and allows merchants to accept all types of payment transactions – credit and debit cards, gift cards, and ACH – via any commerce channel. For transactions that are taken over the phone, the process is super easy.

More Reasons to Use i3 Commerce Technology as a Payments Partner

Affordable Card Acceptance with No Contracts

i3 Commerce Technology payment advisors are experts at interchange and leverage this knowledge to find customers the best rate possible. i3 Commerce Technology provides a free rate review by evaluating a merchant’s specific business environment and offering solutions that help reduce costs and provide efficiencies that add to the bottom line. The best part – full transparency and no long-term contracts.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Merchants are faced with payment headaches often. What happens when a card reader displays an error message, and no one answers at the payments company to resolve it? When equipment goes down, what are merchants supposed to do? That is why i3 Commerce Technology has a dedicated in-house team of customer service experts whose #1 priority is to make sure merchants are taken care of.

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