Problem Solved: Donations Event Dead In The Water

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Business event blurred behind micA large non-profit in Cincinnati that has offered academic services since 1952 holds an annual fundraiser to support their mission of creating a culture of excellence for their students. The event was scheduled to commence without a hitch, but 48 hours prior to the event the hosts learned that they didn’t have the mobile technology needed to accept credit card donations — an issue that threatened the success of their entire event. Scrambling to meet their anticipated demand, the hosts called a large banking institution they had previously used to process transactions, but their timeline was so tight that the bank could not produce a solution.

Instead, they recommended i3 Commerce Technology. Although there was no existing relationship at the time of the request, i3 Commerce Technology decided to help the Center solve the problem. With the weekend looming, time was of the essence, so our team called an emergency meeting to discuss capability, overhead cost and availability before crafting a plan of action. One of our newest team members rose to the challenge, clearing his schedule and driving straight to the Center to meet with their team and learn about their plight before recommending their best options.

The decision was made to secure and program iPhones with mobile donation acceptance software for on-the-go processing. Our rep spent the next two days purchasing and programming the iPhones to accept credit card transactions, as well as training the Center’s event staff how to navigate the program. The event commenced without any hiccups and the fundraiser was a success. The Center was very happy with our services, and has subsequently become one of our newest customers.

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