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Self-service and digital payment options saw a steep rise during the pandemic. Now the retail shopping experience is influenced by ongoing inflation and a lack of workers. To adapt to this new reality, the retail industry is employing self-payment technology at check-out. A recent study shows that 66% of in-store shoppers desire a nontraditional checkout experience, enabling them to shop at their own pace.

Accepting electronic payments has been connected to a rise in customer satisfaction. A study by PYMNTS noted that 77% of shoppers are more willing to patronize retailers with scan-and-go payment options.

Self-Checkout Options

The self-checkout experience is a win for consumers but is a necessity for forward-thinking retailers who understand that utilizing this payment option will help sustain their business model.

There are multiple options a company can choose to incorporate for checkouts:

  1. Self-service kiosk – Self-checkout machines that allow for faster transaction times with digital wallet options and easy-to-use displays.
  2. Scan and go – Technology that tracks items in real time and allows customers to pay on their phone as they leave the store.
  3. Unattended environments – Kiosks in places like laundry services which give individuals the ability to complete a transaction without employees on site.
  4. Automatous stores Stores that provide 100% contactless shopping and frictionless checkout experience.

Software Needs to Handle These Payment Types

By incorporating digital solutions into payment processing, retailers can conduct business transactions seamlessly and with long-term benefits. Below are some of the common types of software solutions that help businesses achieve self-checkout environments.

  • Point-of-sale (POS) terminals equipped with EMV chip technology for contactless payments.
  • Mobile POS options which allow payments to be collected via mobile devices paired with a card reader.
  • Tap-to-phone mobile POS options, which eliminate the card reader terminal and instead transact directly between a customer’s mobile device and the store’s.
  • Security protocols to help protect card-not-present transactions.


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