Top 5 Most Read Card Talk Articles from 2022

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Welcome to another year of Card Talk!

To kick off the new year, i3 Commerce Technology takes a look back at the most read Card Talk articles from 2022.

We look forward to bringing everyone relevant and impactful content for 2023 that continues to help your business grow.

Our Readers’ Top 5 Favorite Card Talk Articles from 2022

1. Reduce Credit Cards Fees with These Programs

Learn more about how merchants can offset fees through cash discount, surcharging, and convenience fees and yield extra margins to help their business grow.

2. Payment Methods That Give Merchants an Edge

As technology continues to advance, there are three digital payment methods that merchants should consider adding to their card acceptance practices.

3. Four Benefits of Using B2B Payment Gateway Software

Using B2B billing and invoicing software has many upsides for merchants. It helps streamline operations, improves cash flow, and enhances business vitality.

4. How Text Payments Benefit Merchants

Text payments are one of the fastest growing payment alternatives and this article informs on what they are, how they work, and how they benefit merchants.

5. Digital Payments Trends for 2022

This article listed some of the digital payments trends predicted for 2022. Re-read to see how these trends influenced the payments industry this past year.

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From sharing tips to prevent credit card fraud to making sure your business is utilizing the latest payment technology, a lot has happened in the software and payments industry this past year.

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