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It’s safe to say that most consumers have tried purchasing their clothing and apparel online at least once. As online shopping activity continues to thrive, this trend will only increase with time. But how do retailers offer their consumers the in-store experience of trying on new styles, colors, and sizes without consumers racking up costs while trying to find what they want?

The answer for retailers and consumers is to utilize the Try Before You Buy option.

What is Try Before You Buy?

The idea of the Try Before You Buy experience is to allow customers to try out items in the convenience of their own homes. Powerhouse retailers like Amazon, Zappos, and Warby Parker offer shoppers the opportunity to try clothing and apparel items before actually buying them.

This is how it works with Amazon:

  • Shoppers can choose up to six clothing or accessory items across departments, including women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby clothing. Shoes, jewelry, and accessories are on the table, too.
  • After the items arrive, shoppers then have up to seven days to choose whether they want to keep or return the items.
  • Once shoppers have made their decision, they select which items they want to return and which they want to buy. Shoppers won’t be charged for the items until they decide to keep them!

Why This Method of Shopping Works for Today’s Consumer

By eliminating upfront charges, consumers can physically engage with the products and immerse themselves in the experience that traditional in-store shopping provides. This new way of shopping helps bridge the gap between convenience and the desire for an authentic exploration of products.

Customers often face a dilemma when upfront charges are required, particularly if they need to order multiple sizes or prefer to experiment with different fits. The Try Before You Buy feature taps into this psychology. By providing this alternative, Amazon and other retailers who use this method empower customers to discover the ideal fit and minimizes the likelihood of returns.

What are the Implications for Retailers?

Through the implementation of the Try Before You Buy option, retailers and brands can improve customer satisfaction, provide shoppers with more authority over their purchase, and create a position shopper experience that can transform that customer into a loyal patron.

This new shopping experience can also reduce return rates, improve conversion rates, and eliminate charging for shipping and returns.

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