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Offering Payment Solutions at Point of Sale

Over the past few years, another element of customer service has evolved for merchants; offering quick, secure and reliable payment solutions on the spot.


The End of the Line for PC Charge

VeriFone recently announced the “end of life” stage for PC Charge. “End of Life” means that as of May 1, customers cannot place new orders for the software.


EMV Rollout: Are You Ready?

Have you heard? From processing companies to the news media, card chip and pin technology seems to be gaining attention due to the upcoming EMV rollout.


Navigating the EMV Landscape

Are you up to speed on EMV? Let’s start with the basics. “EMV” stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, a standard for chip-based transaction processing.


Card Upgrades: Big Data Business

Big data uses the essential information from a consumer’s payments to paint a distinct picture of the customer that you can use for effective marketing.


Problem Solved: Donations Event Dead In The Water

48 hours prior to the event the hosts learned that they didn’t have the mobile technology to accept credit card donations. That is, until i3 Commerce Technology helped.


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