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eCommerce Fraud Rising, Consumers Willing to Take Additional Security Steps

Results of a recent American Express survey show that consumers are willing to take extra security steps to ward off online and eCommerce fraud.


The Riskiest ZIP Codes for eCommerce Fraud

While eCommerce fraud is on the rise, research shows that certain ZIP codes are more prone to fraudulent charges than others.


Mastercard Launches Its First-Ever B2B Mobile Payments App

In September, Mastercard launched its first-ever B2B mobile payments app in Hong Kong to connect buyers and suppliers and help them enhance efficiency.


Research Shows Cash May Be a More Painful Payment Method

New research may explain why you felt so attached to that new toy or jacket you purchased as a child with your own allowance.


5 Easy Ways to Get Your Clients to Pay on Time

Myron Rivers, payment processing advisor at i3 Commerce Technology, shares five easy strategies to make sure your clients pay on time.


Shoppers Now Make More than Half of Purchases Online

For the first time ever, an annual survey by comScore and UPS shows that shoppers now make more than half of their purchases online.


Why Aren’t Millennials Using Credit Cards?

According to research by the Federal Reserve, the number millennials using credit cards has fallen to the lowest level since 1989.


Chargeback Volume for 2016 Estimated to Be 21% Higher Than 2015

About 14.7 million chargebacks worth $5.8 billion are estimated to hit merchants this year, which is a 21% higher dollar value than in 2015.


Turn Every Card Swipe into Customer Data for Marketing

Agility is everything in a competitive market. i3 Commerce Technology specializes in electronic payment solutions that fill gaps in ways that our competition doesn’t.


Visa-Mastercard Settlement with Retailers Overturned: What’s Next?

On June 30, 2016 the Second Circuit overturned the Visa-Mastercard settlement with retailers. Now, some merchants are wondering: What’s next?


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